Seniors to the Best Dentist for Specialized Care

Posted on: April 15th, 2016 by Dr. Gabor Bodnar

Best DentistSeniors often require specialized care and we are the best dentist in town to give them the treatments that they need.  As people age, tooth loss becomes more common.  In fact, at least, seventy percent of adults experience tooth loss at some point in their lifetime.  Whether a patient has lost one tooth or a mouthful, we can provide solutions to help restore their smile to what it used to be.

In addition to tooth loss, seniors tend to suffer from other health conditions like dry mouth, heart disease, stroke, and memory loss.  All of these can be linked to poor oral health.  For example, studies have shown that 91 percent of people with heart disease also have gum disease.  People are more likely to have a stroke after an oral infection, and oral bacteria can lead to memory loss or Alzheimer’s.  This makes preventative care extremely important, and we recommend that patients of all ages have their teeth cleaned at least twice a year in order to prevent oral health problems that can lead to additional health consequences.

Our dentistry provides expert level care in a comfortable environment.  Many seniors suffer from tooth sensitivity and we provide pain-free teeth cleanings and dental care. Those who have experienced tooth loss can benefit from the many solutions we offer for replacing missing teeth.  As the best dentist in town, we can provide a variety of procedures that include:

    Dental Bridges.  This is a non-surgical solution for replacing missing teeth.  A dental bridge is created by placing a crown on the two teeth surrounding the missing one, and using these crowns to create a bridge that secures the tooth in place. A bridge looks and feels natural, and the recovery time is minimal.  The challenge is that the surrounding teeth need to be healthy enough to support the bridge.
    Dental Implants.  Implant dentistry is the modern solution for replacing missing teeth.  We can replace teeth using this advanced technology.  A metal post is implanted under the surface of the gums and a new tooth is secured to it at the surface of the gums.  This creates a natural and durable synthetic tooth that does not rely on surrounding teeth for support.
    Dentures.  Seniors who have lost all or the majority of their teeth may be best served by wearing dentures.  This is an easy solution because a single piece can be made to replace a mouth full of teeth.  They are ideal for those suffering from additional health issues because when patients wear dentures there is no risk of a cavity developing and oral infections are reduced overall.  This way the patient can focus on their overall health without worrying about their teeth.  Dentures are also easier for caregivers to clean.

Regardless of how old you are, we are a best dentist and provide both preventative care and oral health solutions that are functional and beautiful.


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